Tribhuwan International Airport

The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), situated 5.56 km east of Kathmandu city is in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley provides various facilities to its visitor You can acquire information on host of topics on tourism. HAN (Hotel Association of Nepal) Counter: You can book any hotel of your choice from here. Get your hotel voucher and proceed to the assigned hotel. You can collect pamphlets, other materials on tourism Free wi-fi service is available at departure and arrival lounge of International Terminal Building. After passing through immigration area of departure, passenger can enjoy the facility of free wi-fi service. They can easily connect to wifi-(TIA-wifi departure) on their device and enjoy the internet service. Press room-1 has capacity of 30 persons. This room can be used to conduct press conferences. Available by reservation for business travelers. This is available for Commercially important person who on arrival may wish to rest while someone takes care of their formalities. You can avail this room after paying Rs 450 per hour, per person including VAT.This desk is situated outside International Terminal Building which provides information about various queries like check in terminals, wheel chair facility, flight schedule etc.

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