Photos Of Nepal

Nepal, a land of Himalaya, is a beautiful country located between People’s Republic of China in north and Republic of India in east, west and south. The landscape of the country varies from low lands of Tarai to mid hills and high Himalayas. The Northern side is blessed with wide range of snow capped higher Himalayan and southern side with fertile landscape that produces food to feed the country. Diverse ethnic groups with their rich culture are scattered across the country. Kathmandu is the capital city. If you are in photography and nature lover then this is the country you definitely need to visit. Every square kilometre across the country is unique in itself. Each has its own indigenous people, traditional dress, culture and language. Their hospitality and friendliness is something that you will cherish for long. You cannot hold back but to grab your camera when these snow-capped mountains turns golden on sun’s morning and evening rays fall on their peaks. OUR PROUD TEAM: Chandra Chakradhar – Photographer Kanchan Mani Dixit – Script Writer

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