Nepaldog Folk Art From the Himalayas

  Folk Art From the Himalayas BE AWARE OF DOG signs from Nepal are one-of-a-kind, hand painted Fair Trade portraits of dogs commissioned by their owners and rendered in startling detail on metal. “Danger Dog” and other charming variations on the “Beware of Dog” theme are written in Nepalese and/or English, according to your specifications, and turned into a uniquely personalized work of art. These artists’ work is quickly being replaced by digital technology, even in Nepal. Your pet’s portrait can be rendered in the naïve, almost primitive style that results in a “doggie mug shot,” or it can have a playful smile, a wary and growling demeanor, or a dangerous gleam in its eye. In America as in faraway Nepal, these signs can be as effective as any alarm system, and are practical for indoor or outdoors.

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