Kabeli Bikash Bank


Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited was registered in Company Registrar Office on 2064.5.23 as a public limited company with limited liability on shares. Similarly it received permission from NRB to conduct financial transaction on 2064.6.29 with financial institution of B class with its activities in Dhankuta district. The bank has started its transaction on 2064.9.1 from head office at Dhankuta. It opened its first branch at Dhankuta Hile on 2065.5.26. Similarly it has started other 3 branches in Dhankuta viz; Rajarani branch on 2066.3.1, Buddhabare on 2066.3.9 and Sidhuwa on 2067.01.07. The bank is providing 365 days banking service to customers. Bank had been promoted by individual from different walk of life with a vision and dedication to provide the best financial products and services in efficient and professional manner.

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