Gurkha Technology was co-founded by the core 5 members: Diwas Pandey, Kapil Amagain, Sudip Dhungel, Bibek Neupane and Sucil Ghale. In 2013, as a part of our Final Year Project for our Computer Engineering Degree, we developed a mobile app. Basically, it was a movie streaming app which we uploaded on the playstore. To our surprise, people actually started downloading the app and after a week, the app generated 40 cents. Our app had actually started to generate minor revenue! No sooner, we were spinning off apps and churning in money home. It was then that we realized that there is a huge potential for mobile applications in Nepal. It’s safe to say, those 40 cents completely changed our lives. The success of our application venture inspired us to register and formally run an organization, Gurkha Technology. This is how we started. We came up with Kinmel, a free ad space and classified ads platform. We teamed up with Nepal’s first calendar and came up with digital version of the 126 years old legacy. We also partnered with Nepal’s most trusted and reputed Chartered Accountants and began a tax forum and a tax query platform. Now we are 20 people, each one amazing at what they do and getting better at it everyday. We take pride in our team, and have strong belief in our abilities. After all, we are team Gurkha, all ideas are conquerable to us, and all feats possible.

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