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What to do in Kathmandu Over the years, Kathmandu has seen many changes; in people as well as in trends. However, one trend that has remained true over the years is that of South Asians traveling to Kathmandu to play in the Casinos of Nepal. Gambling has always been a part of South Asian culture. When you look at ancient paintings and text, you see kings and their women playing dice. When you look at holy scriptures, you read of gods and sages gambling. Follow us through this site to see how you may also capture this spirit of fun and adventure while visiting the Casinos of Nepal. The Casinos of Nepal Provide 24 Hour a day Casino Play Service Staff - Fluent in English, Hindi and native languages Drinks, Snacks and Smoking materials provided to all players FREE Transportation Service Courteous dealers provide training for beginners orto introduce new games

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