Bhola Rijal

Bhola Rijal

Dr Bhola Prasad Rijal is a preeminent Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician in Nepal. Born in Dharan, the eastern hub of the country, in July 1948, Dr Rijal has pioneered In-vitro fertilization in Nepal a major treatment for infertility, thereby providing joy and hope for many couples. He is also the initiator for legalizing abortion in Nepal. Alongside his medical profession, Dr Rijal’s patriotism is reflected in his literatures and outstanding song writing ability, which has made him a renowned lyricists and singer in Nepal.

Dr Rijal has been a glimmer of hope for many Nepalese women who call him “Santaneswar Mahadev” a God of Procreation. For his students he is considered as an ideal man, an excellent teacher and a role model. Alongside his medical achievements, he is also highly recognized in the cultural and social fields. He is an amiable, well known and highly charismatic figure, with the ability to inspire, promote and enhance the lives of many people at a personal and National level. His drive and ambition to improve various aspects of his country will long continue in the future.

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