What is adzonepali?

Adz Onepali is web advertisement service for targeted advertisement of your product in multiple Nepalese websites and a digital bridge between digital advertiser and publisher. 

How can i advertise  through Adzonepali?

Please register at and go to your dashboard where you can choose the sizes of your advertisement, upload your ad for your product or service along with your target audience and the duration of the ad display. 

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How can i get advertisement published in my website?

After you register your website at  your website will be approved for advertisement, generally within a working day, then you will get the codes to integrate to your website.  Then our automated system will display targeted ads in your website. 

How do i get paid? 

After you publish ads, our algorithm will calculate the revenue based on multiple factors. Once you reach the payment threshold your revenue will be deposited in your bank account. 

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