Aastha Tamang Maskey

Aastha Tamang Maskey

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal and now based in Toronto, Canada, Astha Tamang Maskey is an indie alternative pop singer/songwriter. Graduating from the Independent Music Production program at Toronto’s Seneca College (2008) and the Audio Engineering Program at the Harris Institute of Toronto (2011), Astha is also a budding sound engineer. She comes to the table with a charismatic voice and a unique sound backed by her acoustic guitar and carefully crafted beats. Astha’s music is melodic, direct and emotional with lyrics that attempt to explore the depths of the human psyche: spirit, mind and emotions. Her music echoes influences from various genres such as pop, folk and R&B. With 2 studio albums and an English EP under her belt, Astha is currently working on her third full length Nepali album, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa scheduled to release in 2020.

From continuously writing music since the age of 14, Astha now has an array of songs that hold strong meaning and deep truth for herself and her fans. The strength of her musical ability is showcased by her success both abroad in Nepal and at home in Canada. When given the opportunity to travel back to Nepal at the age of 19, Astha decided to independently release a Nepali debut album titled Sabai Thikai Huncha in 2009. Her first radio single Gotta Be Love off the album received a significant amount of spins, charting at number 1 on Nepalese FM stations in 2009. Her second radio hit, Jhuto Satya received a nomination for “Best Rock Vocal Performance” on Image Awards 2009. Astha was awarded the “Best Pop Female Vocalist” award at Radio Kantipur’s Music Honours 2010. Released prior to the rise of the YouTube era the album sparked the growth of a viral and organic cult following for the young songwriter’s work amongst the Nepalese youth with many fans uploading the album’s songs onto the early YouTube platform aiding in the album’s popularity.

Astha launched her second Nepali album Ma Ek Sapana in June, 2012 at at the Rastriya Naach Ghar in Kathmandu. The sold out event featured live collaborations with two prominent Nepali acts: Kutumba and Jindabaad. Her single Khula Aakash off the album received airplay on MTV Roots India and charted number one on all major Nepalese radio stations. Her second single off the album, Harek Saas Sita charted number 1 on Hits FM radio station and was nominated for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” on Hits FM Music Awards 2013. 

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